Feeling Naked

Evening beautifuls!

Wow, I’m blown away almost to one hundred likes on Facebook already and from some of you I don’t know personally! Thank you Thank you!

You know when God places that seed in your heart and you slowly start to water and nurture it, amazing things happen! Here I am from a dream that got placed in my heart along time ago, even when I didn’t know God he already knew the plans he has for me but it was all about timing!!!

Right now I feel naked, I feel exposed to the world I’m sharing with people that don’t know me, people that will know my life and my journey but I don’t know them.  Last night as I pressed send and said let’s do this I was over taken with feelings of vulnerability,  as I type my day to day stories of the life journey of a forever 38 mumma I hear God directing me, I feel his hand saying it’s all ok .

So lovelies today I wore the clothes God picked out for me,  my fearless top, my big girl blog pants, my devil stomping shoes and love, love for all you who are here following me and the girls that will follow tomorrow and the day after and the day after that!!!

Night for now, big LOVE


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