Funky little dude


As  you know I love fashion and I’ve often wondered how I’m going to enjoy shopping with and for boys!!! Being in an all boy house makes shopping all mine 🙂 and as you know I can’t buy clothes for me for a whole year but I can buy clothes for my little men!!  Unfortunately this doesn’t excite me that much lately, cute matching teess and shorts have turned into camo style hunting and fishing gear which aren’t fashion they’re just typical practical boy styling and boring, to me anyway.  But today me and this piece of deliciousness went on a shopping date together and we had the best hour together we’ve had in a while total bonding over the clothes rails and who’d have thought the changing rooms would be so much fun!!!

i am slightly struggling with the ‘phat’ pant low cut chino whatever you call those pouch pants he’s wearing though!!!

My point to this is, quality time with your kids doesn’t have to be where you often feel it should be but where you make it! and I really didn’t think this spontaneous little outing would have been so special!

I’m in awe at what Dukey and I have created this fashionista along with his brother are just such a precious gift from God even if his younger brother gets his fashion style from his father!!!

Swooning over my baby right now!!


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2 comments on “Funky little dude
  1. haha I hear ya sista..I too have had a testosterone filled house and one son who loved clothes the other who couldn’t have cared less…they both in their 20’s now and its still the same… still they will coming shopping with me even if it’s just cos mum shouts lunch!!


    • LouLou says:

      Jenny! That is funny! I’ve got one who will happily shop the other is definately old clothes and mud! It’s really exciting watching their personalities and style develop 💙 boys rock!


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