So who out there is going to Sistas this year?  My friends have just done the Get Smart conference with the youth from our church and as the Sistas time gets closer I’ve got conference withdrawals!

My first journey to Sistas was a memorable one, one where I really felt I found my identity as a Christian in today’s world.  I was so pumped and spiritually fuelled by the three days I thought I was going to burst!  It’s so good to get fed by such inspirational women, before I got there I hadn’t even heard of Christine Caine or Bobbie Houston, can you imagine not knowing these women!

Last year was even more awe inspiring than the the year before and it really encouraged me to think bigger and to be guided by God with the gifts he’s given me.  I had so many ideas and dreams roaming around in little head I felt like I was going to burst.  I’ve since managed to channel them a little and as I really learn balance and obedience in my day to day life I’m learning to hold onto ideas and visions and that if an idea or vision pops up it doesn’t necessarily mean I have to use it there and then!  As you an imagine I’ve got journals all over the house with ideas in and Pinterest, who loves Pinterest that just takes my ideas to a whole new level.

So back to Sistas! It’s next weekend and I really wish I was going this year, but I have an exciting month ahead, our darling niece from Scotland is coming to stay, I have so many things planned to share this beautiful country and our life with her that I’m sure I’ll forget my conference desires by next week!

Have you been to Sistas? Do you have a story, a life changing moment from a conference you’d like to share? If so, please share your conference love with us girls here!

Big Love


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2 comments on “Sistas
  1. Tejay says:

    I am so hanging out for a’s been years since I have been to one. In fact the last would have been Get Smart 7 years ago. I have been wanting to go to sistas every year but I always seem to have a baby or be due to have a baby! Next year definitely going! Can’t wait!


    • LouLou says:

      Next year had to be the ‘Sistas’ year oh no I’m off to England in September! Massive sad face – pray they change the month just for me! Oh and no babies for you!


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