Today at Church, I heard the best message. Pastor Kevin Forlong spoke on The Power of a Sanctified Imagination, it was confirmation and huge encouragement for the beginning of this blog journey.

Is your perception your reality? Is what you perceive for your life the reality?

Brian Houston said ‘If your thoughts don’t have a future they will harm your future’

Kevin shared that the Holy Spirit gives us images to see not to hear – the language of God brings an image into our heart. I love this, my ideas and dreams are always very visual, right from wanting to begin my blog I wanted different sections and although not impossible it wasn’t the norm, particularly for a first time blog beginner like myself but I had the picture I wanted in my heart and along with my tech fairy we did it! We got the very dream I had pictured in my imagination onto the screen – B O O M!

Imagery is Gods language he puts a picture into your heart to activate your faith.

Everything comes through faith – he uses our imagination to unlock out future.

Dream Big girls, let God place those pictures in your imagination to activate your faith and kick start your future!

It’s Spring tomorrow – a new season, a time to plant and nurture those dreams!

Love ya,

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