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Operation Axolotl Cake

Oh my goodness my creativity ends where the food mixer starts.  I CANNOT decorate cakes. The end. Extreme requests from an over imaginative 7 year old boy has seen me meet my match! An Axolotl cake.  I repeat an Axolotl

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It’s time to fly!

  We’ve just said goodbye to our beautiful niece, who came to visit form the UK.  She’s twenty and just beautiful.  Everything about her trip had Gods favour and blessings all over it.  Even the messages in church we’re perfect!

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Kiss of the Wolf Spider

Next week ladies, I have the privilege of interviewing my gorgeous friend and author, don’t miss this amazing story.  Now I’m not saying anymore until the day! Stay tuned. Big Love L x  

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Spirit Lead Me…..

Being a tour guide has been so much fun, although on the downside a few routine things have fallen by the wayside!! It’s been a real eye opener into how extremely and I mean EXTREMELY blessed I am.  You know

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Who do you think you are?

Gosh I’ve had a busy week! It was my birthday and I *sigh* turned 39!! So blessed to be surrounded by such gorgeous people.  We have our niece here from England so I’ve also played tour guide for the week

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Let Them Eat Cake

Cakes. I love to bake them and of course share the finished product with my loved ones. In fact I adore cooking full stop. I think it’s my love language in a way. Come to my house and you’ll likely

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I had a revelation the other day, something I haven’t actually thought too much about really made me realise how very blessed I am. In November last year I spoke to my lovely Pastor about doing an intern and serving

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New Clothes!!!

Evening!  Its taken me ages to load this post! Don’t know why, my tech hat must  a not be in on tonight! Oh I know why! I’ve got my fashion hat on instead!!! We picked up our niece from the

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Focus on your Goal

You know today was exercise day! Every day feels like exercise day at the moment as I push towards my goal! My neck and shoulder are really hurting and it’s most uncomfortable but the results will be so worth it!

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