New Clothes!!!


Its taken me ages to load this post! Don’t know why, my tech hat must  a not be in on tonight! Oh I know why! I’ve got my fashion hat on instead!!!

We picked up our niece from the airport today, all the way from Scotland we haven’t seen her for over two years and it’s just been so exciting!! Of course she came bearing gifts as you do when you’re family and you’re traveling half way across the world! I think I’m worse than the kids I get so excitable! Anyway we got gifts yup all of us!! Me I got pants! New pants! Harem pants! Floral Pants! Spring pants! NEW pants! 

Just had to share my happiness today no new clothes since February sooooo I am overly excited and praying for sunshine tomorrow so I can wear my new, spring, floral, harem pants!!!

yahooooooo happy! 

Thankyou my lovely belle 💗

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2 comments on “New Clothes!!!
  1. Lynley Broughton says:

    Awesome I’m excited for you. Pictures please.

    This is my next plan. However, like you I know that it would be the hardest thing to do. But France is where I would to go. So this would be a good way of getting the dream. God willing : )


  2. Ellie 💜 says:

    Your more than welcome auntie!!! 😘💜


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