I had a revelation the other day, something I haven’t actually thought too much about really made me realise how very blessed I am. In November last year I spoke to my lovely Pastor about doing an intern and serving in the Church for a year. In January I turned down the perfect mother job to serve God for a year. I hadn’t thought about work until lately when, as I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed and spoke to people I realised almost every woman/mother/wife has to go to work more out of necessity than choice. Whilst I do spray tans in the evening and summer can be busy I am not under any particular pressure at the moment to go out and work. Don’t think we are rich because of this choice because we’re not. It’s a choice my hub and I have thought lots about and at times the money from me having a job would’ve been amazing but I feel rich with the choice we made and very very blessed that God has provided for us on this journey. I truly believe that he has been behind these decisions from the beginning, choosing to serve rather than work a paid job is a big decision but one I have loved with every inch of my heart and soul this year.
I want to encourage you girls to step out and put faith into action it’s amazing when you see how God is working hard behind the scenes to orchestrate your path when you are obedient and faithful to Him!
Happy Saturday girls x

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