Let Them Eat Cake

Cakes. I love to bake them and of course share the finished product with my loved ones. In fact I adore cooking full stop. I think it’s my love language in a way. Come to my house and you’ll likely leave with a full tummy. I’m excited to have the opportunity to share some favourite recipes, tips and ideas in the food department, but for now I want to share with you something quite hilarious. Well maybe it’s my warped sense of humour but feel free to giggle along with me ūüėĀ

A couple of weekends ago some girlfriends, two new and two old (not in age!) retreated to beautiful Lake Tekapo for a girls’ weekend, to celebrate a very special birthday.¬† You can imagine quite easily the fun we got up to, hot pools, facials, talking, lots of laughing¬†and of course FOOD!¬† Some of you might have watched the reality show New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker that aired last year.¬† A very clever gal by the name of Emily won, and she was commissioned to create a birthday cake for the birthday girl.¬† And what a cake it was.¬† Think lemon, gin syrup, A LOT of butter cream icing and an elegant dusting of glitter.¬† Just fantastic.¬† It tasted even better than it looked, if that’s even possible.¬† Oh.My.Gosh.¬† This amazing creation took pride of place¬†to be admired and enjoyed.¬†All good things must come to an end¬†and it was time to pack up and head back to reality.¬† Said cake was carefully perched on a Tupperware Cake Taker, sitting between us on the back seat like a precious jewel.¬† The sun was streaming in the window and the icing was starting to melt so it was decided to move the cake to the front¬†of the¬†car … carefully we handed it over¬†…¬†and in s l o w motion it slid off the cake taker and landed unceremoniously in a messy heap¬†on the¬†floor.¬† You know the saying “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry”, well it could have gone either way,IMG_28094759425425 IMG_28086408258021 but we did laugh and determined not to have to chuck the whole thing out, tried our best¬†to salvage some of it¬†to take home¬†… her husband later commented it was delicious, if not a bit gritty!

Catch you all again soon my lovelies xxx






Mum and wife, love doing life with my hubby, my three gorgeous girls and my friends, and I love Jesus x

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