Spirit Lead Me…..

Being a tour guide has been so much fun, although on the downside a few routine things have fallen by the wayside!! It’s been a real eye opener into how extremely and I mean EXTREMELY blessed I am.  You know Neil and I have been round the world a couple of times and we’ve touched down in many gorgeous places but nothing on earth compares to the breathtaking drive from Queenstown to my current home town of Ash! imageIt seriously is just beautiful.  There’s just something about this part of the country that really stirs my spirit, I can’t explain it but I get so restless but yet so excited.

Lord, where are you taking me, what are your plans for me, what can I do for you, use me where you think I need to be used, direct my path…. My questions are endless my soul and spirit is alive with excitement as I close my eyes and soak up the moment listening to my favorite song…..spirit lead me where my trust is without boarders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you might call me….

I love these moments it’s confirmation that you can be still with God in the most unlikely places, praying, talking and listening.

I want to leave you on that note, to seek Him and soak up every moment you feel your spirit stirring with quiet time with the one who will lead you….

Love ya xxx

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