Madness, quiet time and big plans

Good evening lovely peeps! I’ve been a little quiet on here lately, which totally contradicts every part of my crazy world! Its school holidays, I love them, no routine, no lunches to pack, pj’s til late, boys at home, fun times.  I also dislike them… fighting, the house looks like a tornado zapped through it 5 minutes after I’ve tidied it, more fighting, more mess, more fighting. *sigh*

It takes me about three days to come to terms with my kitchen bench covered in Vegemite and hot wheel cars causing dangerous obstructions in every path I take around the house, by the time school is ready to begin again I’ve finally adjusted. Typical.

Anyway life has been uber busy, busier than my normal busy.  Our delicious and delightful niece came to visit for 3 weeks and now its school holidays so the daily routine of normalness has been missing in action for moi for quite sometime.

Next week we are off to our happy place for a week for adventures of most things boys and Bear Grylls, as I spend my first week on a highland sheep farm! that’s a blog all by itself!

I’m excited.  I’m excited about the new adventure, the break, the family time and the fact that I get to spend quality time with God.  I’m also excited because I am planning.  Planning all things new and exciting for the blog, I’m planning a schedule to keep things flowing and how to keep you up to date and I’m planning ways to keep you engaged and I’m planning how to grow! So watch this space my friends I’m on a mission amidst the sheep. baron land and Bear Grylls adventures I will have plenty of time to be still with God (I’m praying I will anyway!!) Lots of still time to listen. to pray, to obey and to love.

See you on the sheep side

L x

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One comment on “Madness, quiet time and big plans
  1. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures and insights, Mrs Grylls x


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