Kiss of the Wolf Spider – The Interview


Hi girls,

I am so excited to share this interview with you, I have the privilege of knowing this author personally and believe me its an amazing book, the story of how the book started to the end is a complete journey of faith and trust in our God.  unbelievable! Read on girls to find out the story behind this book and its beautiful author! Too amazing!!! ….

A fearful teen is trapped in a web of family lies and finds herself victim to the vilest taboo. Deserted by the mother she loves and betrayed by those she trusts, Jane is forced to keep hidden this dark, unspoken family secret. Confused, threatened and afraid, will Jane ever find the courage to tell someone? And if she does, is there anyone who will hear or protect her? Will her rudimentary faith in a God she does not really understand, eventually help her to rise from despair to victory? Kiss of the Wolf Spider is a touching love story and a testimony of hope in a very dark age of humanity. It is based on a true story, but it reads like fiction. This inspirational narrative presents one of life’s unsung heroines in a book that will engage your heart and senses and keep you turning the pages.

Sharianne spent much of her childhood on a farm in Africa with a caring, protective family. She recalls many happy hours immersed in the imaginary world of books. She grew up loving the poetry of the King James Bible and from a young age, tried her hand at all forms of writing.

She has degrees in English Literature and teaching. She now lives in New Zealand with her husband and family where she works as both a reading and learning support teacher and writer.

Sharianne had great fun telling “made-up stories” to her own children when they were small and revelled in writing plays for her pupils to act out at school.

She is thrilled to have fulfilled a long awaited dream of publishing her first book.

1. Where did your desire/vision to write begin? Can you trace the path that got you started?

I started writing poetry one day when I was home ill from school at the age of about 8. My dad was extremely positive about my little poems and so I continued writing – not that I showed all my work to anyone I was encouraged to enter school writing competitions every year. I loved reading the King James psalms as a little girl and studied English Literature at Uni. I continued to create experimental forms of poetry at university but always kept my writing private. For a number of years before starting Kiss of the Wolf Spider, I tried my hand at fiction writing, but generally around one or two hundred pages I’d get sick of what I’d written; decide it was really lame and delete the whole thing. Then I was introduced to Francine Rivers books – and boom! I knew the genre I had to use to write.

2. What inspires you as an author?

God’s omnipresence and His providential influence around those who hope in Him or even call on his name unwittingly. The indomitable spirit of People who survive. The concept of Hope and Divine grace.

3. How has your faith in God influenced your writing?

Although I enjoyed reading secular novels, I think God dropped into my consciousness the realisation that until I wrote something that had Godly and eternal significance, I was always going to look at my own writing and feel the same about it – “Lame!” Then I was introduced to the genre of Christian fiction written with excellence and anointing, and I realised that if God gave me the story, my writing would be redeemable. I began to ask and wait on God to bring me the story He wanted me to write. Tell me a little more about your faith journey. I was always a fear-filled little girl but through the nurturing and guidance of a close friend’s mother, I became a Christian at the age of ten and was able to overcome a lot of my fears. At the age of twelve I heard a John Ankerberg crusade about marriage and made up my mind that I was going to save sex for marriage and marriage for a Christian. I did both and married David at the age of 27. My family was relatively non-religious, so while my family did not encourage me, they did not discourage my Christianity either. As the years have gone by they have each joined in the faith walk and as I look back I see God’s hand of providence all over our lives, time and time again.

4. How did you grow your book from the seed that originally got planted in your heart to the amazing read it is now?

Once God had revealed to me that the book had to be significant in some way, I began to look for the story – always keeping eyes open, scanning magazines and newspapers for a true story – but God had a different plan. I ‘won’ a free hair cut at a charity function I attended. I was tempted to ignore it and use my usual hair dresser but, having spent all my savings on an air-ticket to visit family in New Zealand, I cashed in the voucher. I drove half way across the city to claim my hair cut and left that salon with that hairdresser’s memoirs in my hand. From there, Kiss of the Wolf Spider was born.

5. Do you have an area, space or time that you like to write?

I must be ALONE. I need absolute quiet and I write from my office. Some days I spend hours in study and meditation before I begin. Once I have the inspiration, the writing flows.

6.  Would you like to write more books on this topic, how did you cope with processing the information you needed for the book knowing some of it was ‘true

I added nothing fictitious to the story – but I did leave some ugliness out. I grew to know and love my new friend over two years of meeting and talking. I had to get inside her heart and mind and there were days when her pain was immeasurably hard to deal with. There were days that I simply could not write; where I had to distance myself completely from the topic and take time out. But sadly – when you deal with a subject enough and you finally get a tough shell. I did. But that is the survival technique.

7. Did you have to overcome anything to be here now, a published author?

Huge amounts of insecurity and fear of failure.

8. What have you learnt so far about writing that you could share with us.

Writing requires 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. As a Christian writer, I was very aware of my shortcomings and lack of training and that it was only God who was going to equip me for the task. I began with prayer and an honest belief in the scripture that “unless God builds the house, the builder builds in vain.” If God has put a story inside you – be obedient, be prepared to work for a long time and for very small rewards – but do it!

9. What’s your vision for the future, what do you see?

I see myself writing another book. Also a story of hope and healing – one that came out of this book – but quite different, in that the spiritual dimensions are much stronger – and it has the added complications of childhood dyslexia/dyspraxia, and the Canterbury earthquake …. watch this space!

10. How can people connect with you? (Facebook links) etc 

My facebook page link address is
My author web site is

Wow People! What an amazing read and an amazing story of faith, vision and absolute trust in God.  The story of how the book came about is my favourite, how this could be orchestrated so perfectly is absolute proof that our God is a supernatural God who knows every piece of everyone’s story and connects it so perfectly together.  I’m in awe of this beautiful woman and her talents, now head on over to Amazon and get the book! You wont be disappointed!

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L x

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  1. Shellie says:

    Wow congratulations and wow wow wow. You know the rest. I had tears. Mhwa mhwa


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