Your wardrobe staples


Fashion is so easy here – I’m in Oz incase you haven’t heard yet!!!!

It doesn’t change that much …shorts, singlet, jandals/thongs/flipflops and repeat! I feel so at home even if my wardrobe for this climate is three years old and I can’t buy anything new!!!  There are some things in your wardrobe that you need to keep as staple items and somethings we need to get rid of!

When we become Christians we are told to clear out our ‘wardrobe’ of our old stuff because we should start to reflect God in what we ‘wear’. (what we wear being how we look and act in front of everyone)

There are somethings that are fashion No No’s when it comes to walking and living as a Woman of God.

Sometimes we have to check our wardrobes to make sure we don’t have any last season fashions in there… we need to clear out Pride, Anger, Selfishness, whining, bad attitudes and resentment and replace our wardrobe with new in fashion items like Love, compassion, humility, kindness, gentleness and patience to name but a few!

I hope I can keep these fashion No No’s out of my wardrobe, they are all so easy to slip on and wear but we must remember what Jesus wore for us. We should want to clothe ourselves in the right items and wear them the right way.

Girls I challenge you this week to have a wardrobe clear out this week, get rid of the old and slip on some new items!! Don’t forget to keep the staples in there, LOVE,  COMPASSION,  KINDNESS. PEACE, FORGIVENESS etc

I’m wearing my staple clothes whilst on this holiday and I’m loving them xx

L x

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