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Oh my goodness, I really can’t believe my baby is going to be 9 tomorrow where did it go? I remember the time so clearly like it was yesterday but yet it really does feel like 9 years ago at the same time.

Reflecting on those years right now brings back achy love memories of the time gone by the fun and milestones especially being back on aussie soil right now and spending his birthday doing what we would’ve done a few years ago and with his buddy from his baby days.  I feel sad but happy, parenting does that to you.  You can feel the two emotions simultaneously.  I look at baby photos smiling because my babies were so dam cute and delicious yet I ache so bad because I wish I could just step back into that memory again.

My boy, he’s funky,  my fashionista for sure, handsome, loyal, truthful and a great sportsman with the biggest heart.  I love him so so much. I can’t help but wonder what kind of young man of God he will become, sometimes I wish I could have a sneak peak into his future just to check it out!!! I pray that he’s going to be all he dreams to be, that God will use his gifts and talents the best way and that he will grow into the bestest young man ever.  Well of course he will, Gods on his side, He’s got his back, He will be there to give him strength and courage when he needs him.

Happy Birthday my little grown up boy – I still wish I could freeze them at every age, because every age comes with its own delights!!

Tomorrow we will be delighting in this little boy and what a fine young deliciously edible boy he’s turned out to be!!!

Biggest Love

L x

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