Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I have a selection of “go to” recipes that I can whip up quickly, are economical to make and are a real crowd pleaser. Some of my recipes are passed on from friends and family, and some are from favourite cookbooks. I absolutely adore Chelsea Winter www. (winner of Masterchef 2013). My dearest friend gave me her cookbook last year for my birthday (and I’m excited to say her new cookbook has just been released …) and one the recipes I have thrashed from her book is the Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Pie. It’s delicious, and is full of vegetables. It’s wonderful with mashed potato and peas! It makes an enormous pie – I like to make it into two smaller pies – and either put half of the mixture into the freezer to pull out on one of those crazy busy nights, or better still, give the second pie to someone who needs it. I like to cook in big quantities – I figure if you’re going to make a mess, you may as well go all out and cook enough food for the freezer or to give away. There’s nothing nicer than receiving a meal when you’ve had a baby/been unwell/have had a bump in the road of life.  I would love to spend all day in the kitchen whipping up meals and treats for whoever needs them.   I’m looking forward to sharing some of my recipes with you and encourage you to cook a little extra so you can share the love.  IMAG3434_1 Until next time, Fiona xx


Mum and wife, love doing life with my hubby, my three gorgeous girls and my friends, and I love Jesus x

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