Late Night Shopping


Hi Girls,

Late night shopping! Oh my I am in my element – I’ve missed this part of my old life with my bestie so so much! Its just fun fun fun, its not about the purchasing although that has some element of fun in it! Ive realised its the fellowship its the girl time away from everything mumsy and its a time to just relax, giggle and have girl fun!

What you need

* A great girlfriend who is happy to shop tip she drops (around midnight)

*Bag of lollies to get the sugar fix and the sneaky fun of not having to share! 

*Money or vouchers in my case this time!

*Late night cheeseburger stop at maccas

*No diet restrictions

*comfy footwear its going to be a long night

*easy clothes to come on and off – you’ll be trying things on just for fun!!!

There you have girls now get the grab everything on your ticklish and go and have some fun!!!


L x


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One comment on “Late Night Shopping
  1. Sounds amazing! I can just picture you in the shop trying on things and not bothering with the changing room … Look forward to seeing what you got with your vouchers 🙂


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