Your Daily Makeup

proverbs charm

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised – Proverbs 31v30

We all love to be beautiful, there is nothing wrong with outward beauty. We are daughters of the highest King so why not look the part? We should always look our best but sometimes we forget what we look like on the inside and concentrate more on how we project ourselves on the outside.

Being beautiful in Christ involves more than just the outward beauty we keep up everyday. It has to be beauty that stays with us through eternity and doesn’t fade.

Here’s a daily beauty regime we need to carry out on ourselves to keep our inner beauty as beautiful as our outward beauty….

Cleanse – In order to be beautiful we need to cleanse ourselves of all our impurities.

Moisturise – Being compassionate is a great moisturiser, seeing other peoples needs before our own.

Wrinkle Cream – We all want to smooth out our wrinkles, we need to face them, massage them and work on them.

Foundation – We all like a good foundation and what better one than Gods word

Eye Shadow – To keep our eyes shining the brightest, we need to guard them from seeing things that are not fitting to a beautiful woman of Christ.

Blusher – The blusher or bronzer we apply should be Gods love bursting through us.

So girls there we have it!! Think of this as you apply your makeup this week. Are you applying your Princess, Daughter of The King makeup???

Biggest Love to all, have a great week beautiful ladies.

L x

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