The treadmill of life


Good Morning Ladies,

As I typed my notes for todays word I felt they weren’t right so I left the computer, did some net surfing and you tubing hoping for some inspiration. I then got four different confirmations for the notes I had just typed! Don’t you just love how God does that!
Now Go: I will help you speak and will teach you what to say – Exodus 4v12

Check out this message that I love from Charlotte Gamble:“>

Wasn’t it an amazing message that I think hit home to every single one of us.

Are you running aimlessy through life and each day just existing in the everydayness of life? or are you, like Charlotte Gamble said in strict training for what Gods called you to be?

It might feel that the treadmill never stops or even slows down somedays but just know that in Gods bootcamp sometimes we have to run a lot faster and further than we think we can while He is training us and shaping us into what and who He’s created us to be.

Church is Gods Gym, our Pastors are our very own Personal Trainers chosen by God to train us, push us past our limits, encourage us, give us spiritual nutrition, challenge us yet support us.

Physical Training is Good, but training in godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come – 1Timothy 4v8

Take a deep breath and prepare to be challenged and pushed to your limits by God he knows what we are capable of when we don’t.  Eat the right food of life, drink some spiritual water and get healthy in Gods Boot Camp! Put your running shoes on and hop on that treadmill this week!!

Love ya

L x

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