Nothing happens until something moves


green quote


Aint that the truth!!

We don’t get fit unless we get our cute butts off the sofa and do some exercise – something that I am struggling to do at the moment! My motivation for exercise has just gone GONE and I cant feel the love at the mo!

We don’t loose weight unless we move all the junk out of our fridge and start eating healthy.

Doors don’t just open you have to push on them first. You have to make a move to make things happen.

If we find a cause worth fighting for we have to action for it to become a change!

What do you need to move in your life to make something happen today? My list is endless, I could go on forever…..need to move off the sofa and exercise, need to get rid of my hot chip cravings, need to put some of my visions into action, need to get more organised so I can be more productive, need to start pushing on doors……she says as she procrastinates some more……

Move it girls Make it happen

Big Love

L x

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