Popping Candy Ideas

Afternoon ladies,

I feel like I haven’t blogged for like ever, but it definitely tis the season! I wish that life didn’t get so busy at this time of year and that I could relax into some kind of lovely mother who bakes, crafts and floats around all christmassy but the fact is I’m uber busy! Its my choice though! I have had a real busy time since September and I am looking forward to next weekend when all my commitments are over and I can sit back and really soak up the whole real meaning of Christmas and be all of the above! Well maybe a little of the above as crafting with two crazy outdoor boys doesn’t go together.

I got asked recently about my highlights for 2014 as the leader for the womans ministry in our church and it was a real hard one to answer..  I just feel real privileged to be able to serve God in such an amazing ministry.  I’ve already got next year planned and my brain is like the popping candy in those cadbury chocolate elves, even though I’m busy I am planning non stop my next year of serving God the best way I can.

What is your highlight for 2014 and has God spoken to you yet about twenty15?

Biggest Love

L x

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