Christmas Elves and Popping Candy

Well Hello there, long time no see or should I say long time no write!!

Oh my I need to write, I need to blog, I need to journal! I feel that in the midst of such a busy few months I have lost the ability to write.  I’ve been praying hard for wisdom, strength and direction, is this the end before I’ve even got started? of course not its just a blip in my mojo as I’ve been serving God in other ways.  I feel like I’ve neglected a few of my old-time favourites, I write a weekly word for the women at church and you know what I can’t even remember when the last ‘proper’ one was. Girls I am sorry, my mind has been like the popping candy you get in those Cadbury chocolate elves there are so many words and exciting things popping around in my brain and I can’t seem to get out whats in there.  I have actually felt really restricted, almost paralysed as though I know what to write but just can’t seem to get it out and then the more I worry the more time lapses and it becomes harder and harder.

This is it though.  This is the beginning of me starting to unload all what God has been speaking to me about in the last few weeks, prepare to be inundated! I’ve been awake at 2am ALOT and hearing so many inspiring words and messages that I truly don’t know where to begin…… last nights message at 3.05am was start somewhere….so I’ve babbled to you about why I haven’t wrote and how its been sending me a bit do-lally, now is the time to start….start again….start somewhere.

start somewhere

Enjoy what is to come my friends as I unload my first lot of popping candy thoughts on you!!

Love ya & I’m excited for whats to come

L x

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