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Run your race – part three

Hey girls, Part 3, a little late but here you go, the final part of this series….. Enjoy X When we choose to focus on Jesus, life has a clear direction and a purpose, he is by no means saying

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Run your race • part two

  From that day on he kept a close eye on David….he changed lanes, Saul shifted his focus, when the women sang of Davids success Saul immediately thought that Saul was better than him, he lost his focus and began

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Run Your Race • part one

Hi lovely ladies, i feel like I haven’t wrote on here for ages! I preached in church on Sunday, which on its own has consumed a lot of my thinking space.  I’ve also taken on the role of Events Coordinator

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Be Still

Hi ladies, November already! where has this year gone? As we move into the season where the pace seems to quicken, as we near the end of year I just want to encourage you to find time within your day

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Listen to the instruction

Love this scripture and the very tone and words used to talk to us in it! Have I not commanded you? It’s not saying have I not encouraged you, or advised you or asked you? No it’s saying have I

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It’s going to be worth it!

Hi gorgeous girls, I’ve just spent the weekend in our garden, it’s not my ideal way to spend the weekend or today, it was in fact real hard slog and at times almost too overwhelming to even see the end

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The Glorious Reward

Hi beautiful, When you’re feeling a little lost or down or just generally discouraged (it happens to us all) you really need to dig deep into the word of God, his words just elevate us from the enemies clutches of

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The Jesus Journey

I’m training for a half marathon incase you’d not heard!!! I registered around May time for the event in November! The training is hard, at first I couldn’t even run two kilometres without stopping and walking for one! Far out

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Beautiful Light

Afternoon beautiful girls, Worship really seems to be ministering to me at the moment, it’s a big part of how God speaks to me and how I speak to him but lately it’s gone to a whole new level! I

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Morning ladies, I woke up this morning with such a strong image of a word that it kind of freaked me a little, all I can remember in my dream and sub consciousness from last night is the word Omnipresent!

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