BIG 2015


Morning Girls,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope you are all enjoying or have enjoyed a holiday and a break from the old routine. I LOVE January, but I think you already know that, as every year I say the same! I’ve been awake a lot in the night lately, not sure why but its in those sleepless moments that I really hear from God and so far I’ve really heard the word BIG!

We are so often encouraged to think BIG, dream BIG, and believe BIG​ to achieve BIG but what I received for the word BIG is to love BIG, give BIG, serve BIG, bless BIG and of course praise BIG. Do all this with A BIG heart for God.

We serve a BIG God and through serving a little bigger than we have before, loving bigger than we do, blessing bigger than we think we can manage and giving bigger because we can enables our thought process to think big, our dreams become bigger and through all of that we achieve bigger and we in turn become a bigger and better person.

This year be BIG girls, all up aim to become a bigger and better YOU in all that you do with the BIGGEST heart for GOD.

Praying for a BIG 2015 ladies,


L x

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