No Clothes for a year – update

Oh My Goodness!!!

I cannot and I mean cannot believe that I am almost done in my year without buying clothes! For someone who bought clothes every week for what seems like my whole adult life, I am super impressed with myself at how well I have managed this. When I received a stern word from God telling me to do this I was totally like yeah right whatever, there is no way on earth I could even do that.

I will listen to what God the Lord says. (Psalm 85:8)

Clothing is my comfort, my blanket when I’m feeling sad or a little low as well as being my happy too of course. I wouldn’t say it was an addiction I wouldn’t go that far but it was definitely something I went to if I needed to make myself feel better. This year has been a real learning curve in so many ways. Neil gave me an envelope for christmas with some money in so I could go and buy myself some clothes, I was so excited honestly I was itching to go to the mall as soon as I had the opportunity but you know what, yup you guessed it….I couldn’t find anything, zilch, zero, nothing!! I picked up two dresses in a desperate attempt to have had the feeling of purchasing but they have gone back to the shop I don’t want them!!! I am now in a totally different mindset, I look at things completely different to how I did a year ago, I’ve found things in my wardrobe that I had forgotten I had and I haven’t been totally without new clothes during the year, just that I haven’t actually purchased them, I got new Gym wear for my birthday and for Christmas I manipulated my secret santa a little and chose my own clothes but that’s it in almost a year. I really believe its been a fast for me and that giving up anything for God is fasting in some way. Through it I have managed to seek God in my low times rather than a clothing rack, I have managed to feel better through encouraging words and scripture rather than a new top or pants. All in all its been pretty amazing.

Jesus Christ said that everyone who belongs to him, can hear his voice.

My sheep listen to my voice. (John 10:27)

I wonder if on 1st March I will go out and have a big spending blow out or I won’t even notice when the day comes because now I don’t even think about buying clothes…..well maybe sometimes……

I want to challenge you ladies to listen to God, has he instructed you to give up something? has he instructed you to do something challenging in your every day life? surely its someone else turn now!!!

Love ya

L x

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