How to hear the voice of God

Morning my lovelies,

After my blog on no clothes for a year, I found this on how to listen for and to Gods voice from God is Real Today and it ties in to listening to what God instructs you to do…. enjoy the read

God desires more than anything to talk to you but He is waiting for you to learn to listen. We are so used to just talking TO God and we haven’t learnt that God sometimes would like to say something to us. There is only a relationship when there is communication. You have a friendship when you talk with each other and listen to each other.

Learning to listen is the first step.

Take time to be with God, without saying anything. Learn to relax with God. Learn to open your heart for Him. Learn to set time apart to come into quietness and rest with God. Get away from the unrest of the world, the many sounds of television and internet and seek the quietness. He will speak. You can count on that. It is unusual to hear God’s voice as loud as Samuel did when he was called out of bed in the middle of the night…

God usually speaks softly, in your heart.

You know, you live in a body, you possess a soul but you are a SPIRIT. And God? God is spirit too. That is why God speaks to you in a spiritual manner. That is: He speaks to your spirit. So you can hear him with the ears of your spirit. Ears of my spirit? Yes indeed. Your spirit has senses just like your body. Because when you are outside your body, you can STILL see, hear and feel. People who have had a near death experience, left their body for a short period of time and suddenly they could see, hear and feel much better.

Your body has senses. But your spirit also has senses.

When God speaks, you listen with the ears of your spirit and when God shows you something, you will see it with the eyes of your spirit. True wisdom is not in your physical brains, but in the ‘brains’ of your spirit. That is why the Bible says that only knowing God intimately makes you truly wise. That is why Jesus said:

I have taught you for three years, but only if the holy Spirit will come into you, you will understand. He will lead you into truly knowing (by experience) the truth. (Paraphrased from John 14-17)

Real knowledge of God doesn’t develop in your brain, but in your spirit. It is given to you by the holy Spirit of God. That is an important difference. A well-known Christian song says: ‘open the eyes of my heart, Lord’. A bible verse says:

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling. (Ephesians 1:18)

I love this, its very easy to understand and I also feel its a step by step way to understanding what our relationship with God is really about.


Love ya

L x

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