Glorious Ruins

Morning Girls!

Well its been a crazy week, a tiring week, an exciting week but most of all its been the best week! massive sigh now! I’m shattered but happy and I feel so alive………

The worship team sang Glorious Ruins yesterday at Church, man I love that song it really does minister deep to me. As I closed my eyes in worship I meditated on the words to the song I’ve heard a thousand or more times and then God showed me some words from the song that I haven’t really noticed before, a line thats there that I haven’t really paid much attention to ‘My spirit revived in your story’

I never thought I’d see the day again when we bought another house, I actually never wanted to do that again, never mind picking up tools and renovating to make it our own. When we lost our house, the house that we worked so hard for and almost cost us our marriage it made us both feel like such failures, the circumstances around it all were just rubbish and awful and I couldn’t imagine doing it again, the words from this song really used to make me cry but yesterday they made me smile, they made my heart sing with joy.
My spirit has been revived in His Story, in His story for me…I am alive and happy, His plans for me, what God has done and the love surrounding me has revived me. My story through him has awoken a spirit I thought had disappeared for good. As I looked around this week, sometimes underwhelmed and sometimes overwhelmed I look at His hand on everything, how my story is witness to how he has revived me, revived my spirit and turned the ruins into glorious ones.

If you don’t feel it yet, look around if you are sat in what you feel are ruins, let God turn it around and turn your circumstances and your spirit into Glorious Ruins, it’s all there he’s just waiting to revive you. Let Him.

Have an amazing spirit filled week girls, take time to meditate on His word or a song that you know ministers to you personally, think about your story in Him and how he’s already revived your spirit.

Love L x x

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