Clean up, Clear out!

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Oh my goodness, I have just moved house for what feels like the zillionth time! Its not a pleasant experience as those who have moved house would surely agree! Team it with playing at being on the TV programme the Block and doing some reno’s in a short time frame and yes there’s more,  downsizing to half the size house! its been difficult, really difficult.  I’m shattered.

So I had a couple of friends well a lot more than that really come and help me move but two key people were there as we were moving the boxes and unpacking.  I have to say people helping you move is quite invasive, I don’t like it at all but I had to eat humble pie, swallow the pride and smile happily whilst hyperventilating under my thankful smile! Why Louise have you got this, why do you need this? How long have you been carrying that around? You have two kids not ten why do you need all this stuff? In all honesty I was hugely embarrassed as I looked around at the clutter I had accumulated.  I felt like a person off one of those crazy hoarder programmes.  OMG I am terrible, look at all the c**p I am carrying about.  In my old house, all the stuff slotted perfectly into the many nooks and crannies that the house had, like a whole linen room, yup a room for linen, a room for clothes, a room for toys and a room for well there was room for everything everywhere.  Take that house out of the equation and move me into my own home, little home, I have two shelves for linen and three (I am making more) drawers for clothes!! What the….

I have felt numerous emotions this week as I unpack box by box and then re pack my car to take what I don’t need to the charity shop, I’ve wondered why I have collected and held onto so much stuff that’s irrelevant and not needed in any way shape or form, and I’ve gone to the other end as to why should I have to get rid of it all, why have I moved here, why is it small and why can’t I fit everything in? I have kind of tried to link together my no clothes for a year and then this de-cluttering and wonder if God is doing a certain work in me.  I’m not sure what but I’ve felt invigorated and fresh as I’ve chucked the boxes in the car, my mind is clearer and I can concentrate on whats important.  Gods important.  I need space to have time with Him, clutter and chaos is mentally debilitating, it suffocates you and before you know it, it’s so overwhelming you can’t breathe and feel like you’re drowning.  God doesn’t want us to feel like that, the world does. Being in an organised kind of family chaos is fine, collecting everything that the world entices us with is not.  Life needs to be simple, keep it simple, enjoy the little things.  Then as I was wondering the whys and where forces of the clean out, ny Christine Caine email popped up and there it was in black and white…..

A quote from Christine Caine ‘ I think we often live our lives smaller than necessary because of excess clutter and trash.  This clutter hinders God from having adequate space to be big in our lives.  God is a big God, and the only thing that limits him is the clutter within us’

That told me! Perfect word for me this week, so now as always I’m hand balling it right back to you ladies, have you got clutter in  your lives? do you need to have a clean out? what do you need to clean up and clear out of your lives in order to give God the space to move within you?

L x

Ps – Thanks my ruthless counsellors – you know who you are xxx


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One comment on “Clean up, Clear out!
  1. Sharon says:

    Awesome as ever Louise! Good word, good teaching for all of us. Excited to see where God is taking you!


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