Representing the Motherhood


Evening ladies,

Well this week I’ve had so many messages from God that I don’t know where to start so if I don’t write it quick I’ll lose track and then I’ll be off focus again so I’m going to work backwards starting from last night!!!

I went with my two Thai students (who are Buddhists – sorry that bit makes me smile!) in tow to the Fearless conference for the Youth here in New Zealand! There’s nothing like 150+ teens in one room to make you feel more at 40’s door!

The pre session games and shenanigans were hilarious, the worship was upbeat and the word was total next level!! Ps Steven Silcock was just amazing, the way he related, spoke and interacted with the teens was something else. You have to be soooo gifted in that area I tell you, all I wanted to do was make sure everyone had been fed and were warm enough on a cold autumn night!!! When did I grow up?? I took so much from the message but what I got most from the evening was a burning excitement that my little dudes who really aren’t that far away from ‘that’ world would be surrounded by such awesome amazing people who will not only be there but will input, empower and enable them with amazing life building skills to take them into the big wide world equipped to fight for Jesus and all that his love stands for! Seriously I’m in awe of the youth pastors and all the adults in the youth world! You do an amazing job A M A Z I N G! I’m speechless, even wordless for your commitment, passion and drive to see our next generation changed for the better! I salute you great people, seriously I do! I realized last night that whilst I loved the whole evening youth is not ‘my thing’ I much prefer the emotionally unbalanced crazy life of women and the motherhood gang! Give me a black tea in a cafe or an event with a gorgeous smelling gift any day!!! I do know though, that it won’t be my last youth style conference with boys growing into that generation I’m probably going to be the one cooking the food and making sure they’re all warm for the foreseeable…. Better get my grove on!!

There is no other way I’d rather bring up my boys than in the world where God is paramount, where he is centre to their lives and where his power and love never leaves nor forsakes us and where his plans are always to prosper not to harm!

Amen to representing all mothers last night and to all those amazing youth loving adults especially our very own Youth Pastors Brad and Anna Rakauwa (who is about to have baby #3 like right now!)  thank you thank you for making the transition from tweens to teens so much more exciting and reassuring from the mother’s side.

Massive love and whatever other terminology is youth cool!!!

L x

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