A new kind of Mothers Day


Evening beautiful people!

I LOVE Mother’s Day, I love that I can be treated and spoilt for just one day! It’s a biggy for me it’s important, but this year it changed, it changed massive!!! Don’t know when it did but I got a revelation that it’s not about me, what? What? This is like one of two days in the year I feel the need to be spoilt? Why is it not about me? Well God has other plans for my heart….. Thanks for that!
Today, this year, Mothers Day from now on is about every other mum, spiritual mums, mums to bes, hopeful mums and mums of angels that are in or have been in my life. It’s about honoring the mums alongside me, my nans, my mum, my mother in law, my spiritual mum, my sister, my aunts, my sister in law, my spiritual sisters, my besties and of course every other woman in my life!
Running a woman’s event this weekend along with making the church look ‘pretty’ made my heart sing, it put a fire in my belly, a passion inside me that I can’t describe and today that’s where I’m at just feeling truly blessed that I can honor any woman I can, that I trust God to put people who need extra love in my heart, that I can serve the great women of this world that have accompanied me one way or another at one time in my life or that I can love on and introduce new people into my life!
I’m more in love with Jesus today than I’ve ever been before, for changing my heart in such a way that I can’t describe! For making it all about others and not about me!

Happy Mothers Day beautiful ladies!

Biggest Love
L x

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One comment on “A new kind of Mothers Day
  1. Sharon says:

    Well done – it is about others too – and always has been! You are so right … But what a joy when someone just happens to make it about you too!
    Hope you were blessed above anything anticipated.

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