The Great Involvement


Eeek I did it! I delivered a word on a Sunday at Church! TWICE!! And guess what I survived and not only that I LOVED it!

I love writing and yup you guessed it… Talking!! So sharing what God has placed in my heart either by writing or speaking is my absolute fav!!

I shall post the vimeo link later when I’ve dissected it and self criticized, you know that good side bad side, does my bum look big kind of stuff!

I spoke about The Great Involvement and how important it is to serve God in the local church and the local community.  It’s a passion of mine and I really want to encourage people to DO IT!!

I love serving in the church, its my thing! I understand that its not everybody’s and I also understand that some people are shy and don’t feel confident in coming forward to serve even though they want to.   The local church is the most important thing on the planet and serving and loving God right there is just the best thing!

I’ll leave you with that otherwise I’ll end up typing the whole sermon and then why would you watch it? …. well maybe I’ll do that and you wont have to watch me….lol

Stay tuned for the link and for me being back on track to posting blogs and Facebook overloading…

Biggest Love girls,

L x

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