Alive 2015


Well I have just spent 4 days at Alive Conference in Rotorua, hosted by New Life Churches International in New Zealand and it was the first time they had opened it up to everyone other than Senior Pastors and Youth Pastors. I am actually speechless at the amazingness of it all, my brain is in overload at some of the most amazing teachings I’ve heard.

Have I been touched by God this week? Has my spirit been stirred? do I have a new fire in my belly? The answer of course is the biggest YES!! Im wondering if it’s because I’m further on in my walk, if it’s because I understand with more clarity the word of God or is it that it’s my time to move, to be stirred and to venture into as Ps Joel Cave put it ‘that awkward’ stage which is out of your comfort zone!

The biggest thing I got from the conference was what I already know deep in my heart but what I struggle with the most and that is that I’m where I’m meant to be, that I’m here in this small farming town in New Zealand because God has a plan and a purpose for me. That I have to burn the plough on my former life and when God calls you, you can’t go back, he changes you from the inside out and when HE grabs a hold of you there really is no turning back! I got so much more but my brain is on spin cycle with all the information it received! So today I’ve shared from my heart not my notes but in the weeks to come the conference highlights and the words I’ve heard from God will become clearer and more communicatable to be able to share with you gorgeous girls!!!

I just want to thank EVERYONE involved in making it happen, serving is a passion of mine and I understand the hard work, the amount of brain space an event like this would carry for everyone involved but particularly Ps Adam & Ps Anita White who carried the vision and made it so amazing!!

Have a great weekend lovely ladies

L x

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