When life gives you lemons make lemonade!


I love this quote and it often makes me smile because out of something sour you can make something sweet and delicious! It’s the same with life, out of a bad day there will always be something sweet in there somewhere!

I’ve had a bit if a why month, why on earth do I sound like that, why do I look like that, why has this happened to me, why now the usual whys and although I haven’t really shared my pity party and volcanic eruptions of everything negative that’s built up in the inside with anyone in particular, a friend shared an amazing post from bible gateway and tagged me about 4am in the morning!!!! Of course I was awake?? WHY? and although it was targeting the more tragic and suffering whys of this world, I read the very long detailed and versed write up and loved it! It gave me a new understanding of God and why things happen.

I’m not usually a why me kind of girl, I’m more of a big girl pants on let’s get up and get on kind of girl so the devil jumping on my parade and shouting me to a pity party floored me a bit.  I mean there is only so much a girl can take! if I logged the whole goings on of the past month it would unfold like a comedy sketch! I’m serious…lost car keys, cars breaking down, illness, major appliances breaking, phones dying…. the list seems endless and funny now I’m on the other side!

I’ve read a lot over the past month, I’ve prayed a lot too and I’ve gotten so much from the sources I’ve been directed to. She knows her worth wrote about loosing your footing and peace being your footing so when you lose your peace you lose your strong firm footing with God giving way for the enemy to topple you over at the first opportunity! Great word for me, then the why word which educated me more and more on Gods word, love and plans for us and then proverbs 31 ministries posted a quote on don’t ask why ask what and here I am, making lemonade out of my month of lemons!  There are benefits to it that seemed quite insignificant at the time, like spending every Saturday afternoon at my friends drinking tea and doing my washing, friendships forming from the simple gesture of the loan of a car and the loan of a couple of vacuum cleaners! My hubby turned to an unsuspecting source for advice when we needed to get the phones sorted.  My boy even used me as an example when they were discussing Job from the bible! I had to smile because what my little boy saw was not what was going on on the inside let me tell you!

I have learnt through this little adventure that how we react and how we push through the frustrating hurdles, (because thats what they are, they are not serious but are seriously testing my patience and trust in God) is where we are at and how God is preparing us for whats next.  I’ve learnt to make lemonade from my lemons, I’ve learnt to rejoice in the fact that God is building his strength and character in me, that he’s growing my capacity to carry greater things.  Its also about being obedient to his word and I have meditated on the lovely Jeremiah 29:11..

‘For I know the plans for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future’

So if you feel like asking why, ask God whats next, ask him to prepare you, to guide you and to teach you how to make lemonade from your lemon kind of days and situations x

Biggest Love

L x

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