Be Specific


Evening Girls,

I went to a great evening  by our Church’s Shine team on Friday evening. I popped in during the day to help with set up and noticed some gorgeous giveaways that I would quite like to win for myself!!!!

As you know home decor and home design are on my list of favourites and at the moment I’m going a bit gaga for all things greenery! I’m not obsessed but am in love with plants, leaves, anything green and you’ve probably guessed….one of the giveaways was a tall green very distinctive plant ahhhhh I want, I need!!! So we laughed as I pretended to walk away with it and my friend said ‘pray into it’ so I did.

The evening was amazing and a big shout to everyone involved it was a fabulous night of fellowship and fun with gorgeous food and a movie to challenge us all (another blog about that coming soon!) then it was giveaway time…. Eeek I really want the plant! (I even wrote plant please alongside my name when I put it in the vase!)

This is where it gets amusing, where God really showed me something quite significant, a real message in amongst the light hearted fun and laughter!!! The plant came up for giveaway and someone else’s name got pulled out (insert sad face and sigh) then the other gifts were given away then the very last item to giveaway was this little leafy plant that I wouldn’t choose for myself in a million years! You’ve guessed it my name was drawn out!!! We all laughed it was so funny!

After the movie had finished I went back to my plant and we were all talking and I said that I’d prayed to win a plant so here it was, someone said it seems you need to be more specific! There it is, there’s the message….

“You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.”Matthew 21:22

God answered my prayer! I got A plant! Not the one I wanted but I got A plant! I didn’t pray Lord please bless me with the tall spikey leaf plant at the shine night, I pretty much said I’d love to win a plant!

God’s desire is to bless us more than our expectations. God needs us to be more specific in our prayers; down to the details.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

As women of God, we have to understand that praying is an act of faith. We don’t need to be shy, boldness is important in our prayers. We have to pray for the impossible, Pray in Faith, Pray for His will to be done, believe and you shall receive!

A general, vague and non specific prayer shows a lack of faith. When we pray specific prayers, we make God want to break boundaries to help us.

Praying specific prayers allows us to see precisely how great God is. How will you know when your prayer is answered if you are not specific?

“You do not have because you do not ask.” James 4:2

A general prayer is not asking! Asking God to bless you with a job is a general prayer. There are many jobs out there, choose one.

Even in amongst the fun and laughter on Friday night God wanted me to hear his quiet voice, he wanted me to know that my faith is there but I need to be more specific, he wanted me to give this message out this week, particularly after we are about to complete our seven days of prayer! He is AMAZING!

Girls, be more specific! Don’t be shy, be bold with your prayers!

Love ya all

L x

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