The Jesus Journey


I’m training for a half marathon incase you’d not heard!!! I registered around May time for the event in November!

The training is hard, at first I couldn’t even run two kilometres without stopping and walking for one! Far out the actual thought of 21kms had me hyperventilating and wondering what I’d let myself in for!

It’s the same with God, he prepares us for the big when we are faithful with the small. When he sees us preparing and working through the early hurdles. ¬†If I hadn’t overcome my 2 kilometre wall to reach 5 I wouldn’t have stretched any further, if I hadn’t have pushed through the pain barrier of 5 kilometres and got to 7 I wouldn’t have run 16km on Monday as comfortable as I did! … Yup 16km believe me I slept that night and am still aching but I feel so proud of myself.

I can see the preparation and hard work paying off, I couldn’t wake up on the 21st November after running 2kms thinking I could reach 21!! No way! Preparation is part of the journey, it’s what makes the outcome so much more worthwhile!!

To reach our God given destiny we have to push through the 5km wall, we have to trust God through the uncomfortable stage in order to move into the plans He has for us. In order for us to continue on His journey for us we have to keep moving forward, don’t stay at your comfortable pace, move into the pace that might hurt for a little amount of time and step by step you’ll get stronger and stronger stepping into His plans and purpose for your lives.

Don’t stay at 5 when through Faith, Determination and Trust God will see you reach 21!

Don’t stand still, don’t stay comfortable, TRUST, have FAITH and BELIEVE!

You know my little boy who’s almost ten, prays the scripture Philippians 4:13 before anything he’s about to embark on whether it be sports or speeches ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ this made me cry as I ran my tenth and quite tired kilometre on Monday but it also gave me the strength the carry on.

When you’re in your comfortable but want to stretch out but are finding it hard, read scripture it’s the truth that sets us free from the walls that block our path and hold us back!

Love ya
L x

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