It’s going to be worth it!


Hi gorgeous girls,

I’ve just spent the weekend in our garden, it’s not my ideal way to spend the weekend or today, it was in fact real hard slog and at times almost too overwhelming to even see the end but as I glanced over at the little part we’ve just finished I realised it’s totally worth it!

If you want to see things change you have to move out of your comfort zone, you have to be uncomfortable or in a season where things are hard slog to see the finish line to see what Gods plans are for you, you’ve got to step over the comfort line!!!

Losing weight is the same, you have to give up on the things your body has become accustomed to, you have to be uncomfortable for a while in order to achieve your goal. Running the half marathon has been the same I had to step out of my comfortable and set myself a pace that was hard, tiring and sometimes ridiculous in order to see the results I wanted.

My garden is looking amazing, it hasn’t been easy work but it’s been worth it and by summer time I’ll be sitting back enjoying the place we have made ours through the hard work we’ve put in.

Remember girls, nothing is seldom achieved sat in your comfortable space, the most rewarding things come when you put in the hard yards and step out into your uncomfortable!!

get uncomfortable, this week step over the line of the things you know, trust God to guide you in the plans He has for you, have faith in Him knowing that over the line isn’t easy but it’s worth it!

Big love for an uncomfortable week!!!

L x

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