Run your race • part two



From that day on he kept a close eye on David….he changed lanes, Saul shifted his focus, when the women sang of Davids success Saul immediately thought that Saul was better than him, he lost his focus and began to compare himself with david.

Comparison can steal your joy – she is a way better runner than me, he has a better job, she’s skinnier, he’s more anointed etc etc or it can fill you with un necessary pride ‘I am way better than that person, I earn more money, I am more successful. Comparison is the opposite of contentment.

Contentment means; peaceful state of happiness, if comparison is the opposite….I’ll leave that with you….

When we change lanes, we start to compare we shift our focus from Jesus, we lose our trust in Him and start looking at those around us.

I watched the kids at athletics run their track races and it was amazing to see how many kids look to the left and to the right to see where the next runner is. The kids in the races I saw that won didn’t look anywhere but out front towards the finish line.

When we start to glance in the lanes around us at the other races it slows us down, when we start to move into someone elses lane because we think we should be there or it looks better than our lane we trip and fall. We lose our faith, our focus and trust when we move lanes.

God wants us to depend on Him, he wants us to seek him first, to focus solely on him. When we look to others we begin to compare and we open ourselves up to disaster.

Big Love

L x

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