Hello 2016


As I relaxed on the beach on the last week of 2015, I had lots of time to reflect on the year just about to end. For me 2015 was a great year full of blessings and favour. Of course there were a few bumps along the road but which road in life is totally bump free! We moved into our new family home and seeing my hubby with fire in his belly again was something that made my heart sing, prayers were answered and things moved. Whilst there isn’t any flamboyant story of the year all in all I felt that we moved on, we grew, life got content (peaceful state of happiness!) and things fell into place. I wish I could say the same for some beautiful people in my life, whilst we can always be thankful for something I saw people from January right through to the last week of the year go through more than their fair share of storms in fact I’d call them tropical cyclones if I’m honest! I’m not sure I’d withstand what I’ve seen these people walk through. What struck me the most as I witnessed and walked alongside these people in the height of their cyclones was their unfailing faith, trust and peace in Jesus! What a witness they were to His power and peace that just surrounds us, in the height of their storms they really did leave me in awe at the power of Jesus and how His love is all we need.

As we all move into 2016, a new year, a blank page, I can’t help but get excited to see how God is going to move in not only my life but yours too!! For those that experienced bumps, road blocks, storms and even cyclones be assured that even in the darkest days and the most turbulent God is with you.

Psalm 65:11 really has hit me this year and I love it and it’s many versions are all encouraging us ‘You crown the year with your goodness even the hard pathways will overflow with plenty’ Own it, meditate on it and remember Gods word is unfailing.

Happy New Year to you all.

Biggest love for a fabulous 2016

L x

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