imageI’ve had the word WOW for a few days I’ve been sat on it, thinking about it, meditating on it and wondering how I can interpret it into words! It’s a great positive vibrant word to have. When we say WOW we emphasise the word, we change our tone to suit the surprise, awe or shock that makes us say it! It’s generally presented in capitals to stand out and it hits us with impact!

It’s a great start to the year and to have been given such a word WOW! I love it. Our God is a WOW God, he often leaves us in awe of his works, the things that he orchestrates in our lives are all full of the WOW factor! The bible is full of WOW which as you may know I love acronyms and WOW could be Words of Wonder! How wonderous are your works, talk of his wonderous works, consider the wonderous works of God and many many more, the whole bible is WOW!

The God of WOW is with you for 2016, be prepared to stand in amazement of what He has planned for you as you step into a year of WOW!!!

Big Love

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