Bait of Satan

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The person who cannot forgive has forgotten how much they have been forgiven of #baitofsatan – John Bevere

Gosh I loved Pastor Carls message on Sunday on Forgiveness, it’s that type of message that has you cringing because we have all been there! I openly admit that I have been offended more than once ok more than a hundred times and that I have also been the offender more than once! But surely not a hundred!!?? Admission or acceptance to both of these is the very thing that will set you free into allowing forgiveness into your heart and to those whose hearts you may have offended.

Straight after the message on Sunday my newsfeed was filled with posts on forgiveness from different international speakers (are you trying to give me a nudge God!) one of them was John Bevere, what has struck me as the most powerful thing in John Beveres message is the hastag John Bevere tagged (not sure how you say it; quoted tagged wrote who knows in today’s moving tech world)


WOW powerful eh?

I think as women, the enemy’s strongest force on us is relationships, we were made for relationships, relationship with Adam and relationship with God and in the very first encounter with Eve, the serpent got between her relationship with Adam and God. So when you look at it like that Its not surprising that it’s the easiest way for him to take us down, a lot of the time we are so unaware of this plan as he doesn’t always come and destroy obviously with a pitch fork and fire he chips away sometimes quietly sometimes with great force and sometimes just slowly working away at meaningful relationships within the Church, relationahips that if left unattended by him will be such a threat to the world through the power of God that he does his utmost to take it down and the worst part is we, as women, often take the bait……ouchy

Yup we take the bait, I have, you have we all have. Offence is strong, it’s a powerful tool in the enemy’s box of take downs and we take the bait. Sometimes it’s so obvious that we forgive quickly, move on and laugh that he almost caught us and then other times its sly, its quiet and before we know it the relationship is almost destroyed. I say almost because we have the power through Gods grace, mercy and love to reconcile and restore those relationships, the relationships that he swiped from under our feet without us even knowing, without us even being aware that we took the bait.

The longer the relationship with the offender and the offended goes on without forgiveness or reconciliation the harder it is to work at becoming united as sisters again. We distance ourselves, we remove ourselves from the situations that may require contact because it seems too hard, too hurtful to face at that given time but that is seriously the worst thing to do. When we distance ourselves or remove ourselves the offence grows it’s like the devils seed, it gets watered by the enemy every day we are not facing it with forgiveness and love.

The most freeing thing I have ever done is say sorry, sometimes not even sure what for or just saying sorry for the way I made people feel, because most of the time you can offend people without even knowing you’ve actually done it, but it actually really does give you freedom. Honestly.

And here’s the thing once you’ve chatted and talked through the mountain that was the enemies build up of hurt and anger it is often demolished into nothing just like that. This doesn’t always happen forgiving someone who has hurt you continuously over a long period isn’t as easy it takes time, a quick ‘hey you hurt my feelings when you did/said’ ain’t going to cut the mustard but it is the start of re building the relationship.

In Mark 11:25Amplified Bible (AMP) it says 25 Whenever you [a]stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him[drop the issue, let it go], so that your Father who is in heaven will also forgive you your transgressions and wrongdoings[against Him and others].

Forgiveness is something we have to pray for every day it’s definitely something that challenges us as women as we load up our bank of she saids or she makes me feel like but it is the gateway to freedom. Do not let the enemy take you down, do not let him destroy something that could be powerful in Gods kingdom, don’t take the bait. Don’t take the bait.

Pray 💟 forgive 💟 love

L x

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