hey world changer!


Hi beautiful,

You must choose to make this culture your own. Change your world – Kevin Forlong

I used to think that changing the world was for super special people, people ‘annointed’ to be an influence, people who had high contacts in high places. People who just got lucky with their desires and passions but I got it all wrong!!

Anyone and everyone can change the world! Yup even you and me, from a small NZ town, I can change the world! Sheesh that’s a big statement some might think but it’s the truth. We are all, believe it or not, ‘anointed’ to be of influence, we all and this is the greatest thing, we all have the highest contact in the highest place of all to help us do this! We can all get lucky with our desires and passions because if it’s what God has called us to do He will give us the tools to do it, if we walk in our gifting God will equip us along the way. If our goals are God driven he will drive with us.

But to do this one step at a time, we should make this culture our own. We must choose to make it our own. We need to own our culture, the God culture in which we are in, His culture of Love, peace, hope, passion, healing, adventure, change. We need to own in. Walk in it with an air of confidence. Show off the culture through your actions of kindness, humility and love. Because when we do all those things we change our world, one step, one person, one life, one story at a time. That’s a person of influence, that’s a person who owns their culture, that’s a person who walks with intent to change their world.

Your world is my world, it’s someone else’s world too. Someone is watching you, someone is changing because of what you do, someone is being influenced by how you act, someone feels loved because of your kindness, because you are owning your God culture. You are changing your world without even knowing who you are changing, who you are influencing, who you are loving on.

Own your zone, be your world changer, one God step at a time x

Much love to all you world changers,

L x

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