The calm in the crazy


Hi my gorgeous favourites,

I’ve always found resting hard, almost a weakness if you need to do it but that was until I had a revelation that rest is in fact a weapon God equips us with if we use it correctly!!

Rest is a weapon God gives us, chaos and confusion is a weapon the enemy uses against us. Without the rest our world becomes chaotic, overwhelming and confusing, just what the enemy wants. We feel guilty for rest but who or what makes us feel like that? Not God no way girls He wants us to rest in Him.

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Matthew 11:28-29, NIV)

I’ve realised what the old saying I’ve got a lot on my plate really means. For me if I’m over faced with a huge dinner on my plate I can’t even begin to start to eat it it’s just too much therefore I can’t eat any, it’s the same in life a little while ago my plate got so full I just couldn’t even start to tackle it, this happened about 2 months ago (ok 3!) I was already overwhelmed and in a panic at the prospect of facing the next few months, busy, full, overwhelming months, I actually think I was almost at breaking point because I actually wasn’t coping with even the smallest of tasks….(keeping it real!) then I got sick, what I thought was a 24hr tummy bug turned into a 5 week bacteria making me need to rest at any given opportunity. Going to bed early. Spending time with God. Sitting down when I could’ve been cleaning. Spending time with God. Staying home when I could’ve gone out. No gym. Praying. Cancelling dates. Learning to say no. All the things I don’t normally do.

In that rest time I’ve managed to clear my thinking, plan for the months ahead, get organised and believe it or not I’ve almost completed my Christmas shopping! (Something I don’t normally tackle until after Christmas in the park or the women’s break up at church) as I was talking to a friend the other day I asked if she was busy (as I know her life is probably faster than mine!) she said ‘busy no, consistent yes’ I loved that!! I’m consistent at the moment, not busy, life is tracking along in the fast lane but I’m not overwhelmed with un coping busyness or unorganised chaos, I’ve wrote lists, slept, planned and now feel ready for the next few months with fuel in my tank. There is balance in the busy. It’s called rest! The enemy will try his utmost to steal our rest, to cause chaos and overwhelming unknown in our world because without rest we don’t function at our best, but with rest comes order and with order comes productiveness, when all this aligns together we can actually walk in our calling, walk in what it is that God has called us to do and walk in it well.

‘Find rest O my soul in God alone’Psalm 62:5

I just want to encourage you all to sit back and rest, rest for just 5 minutes a day no phone no tv no nothing but closing your eyes and being with God. He will refresh you, He will help you regain your focus and He will put fuel in your tank to manage your days. He will equip you to fulfil his purpose.

Seriously girls learn to rest in Him!

Much love to you all
L x

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