Thanks a bunch


Hey, it’s been a while!

I’ve just spent the past month pining for my old life, a trip to our old suburb and falling into an old routine with great friends, relaxing on the beach, long walks with my hubby all the good stuff that I remember. I got side swiped and I mean really side swiped with emotions I had truly thought had disappeared for good. Because I felt happy here in my new life (that by the way is really no longer new!) I was expecting to visit and have a holiday not revisit emotions not one bit.

That’s where the enemy got me right there right then. I didn’t pray about how we’d feel or how it would seem, I didn’t pray forgiveness or peace because I was totally fine but from the minute I arrived emotions stirred in me that were pretty much uncontrollable, a yearning, regrets, sadness, anger, unhappiness, frustration really really yukky stuff.

We had a great time with my family, I saw lots of beautiful old friends and coming back here made me feel really cross and unhappy and I was annoyed that I felt and still feel like that. I have pulled my life apart here, hit every aspect with a negative view, the kids have been a pain, neil and I are fighting and it’s just been blah just blah. And for what….?

Because I left a little gap of complacency for the devil to sneak his little self in… grrrrr

My beautiful friend tried to help with a real comforting and true word, I’ve prayed and really listened into God and tried really hard but it wasn’t until I heard something on a nature programme that shifted me! I mean a nature programme of all things…

‘Anything brought into New Zealand will flourish if it’s looked after by the right people’.

I know you’re thinking what the but I just thought you know what God you brought us here, you surrounded us with the most beautiful people who have looked after us so well and here we are flourishing! Ok it might not be the house and the pool or the beach life I so desperately love but I’m doing things that are changing the community, I’m gathering beautiful women together on a regular basis for connection and God time, I’m actually flourishing and I just took a little detour in my thinking.

I’m praying I’m back on my positive track moving along nicely I have great things planned and lots to look forward to and most of all I want to speak out my massive thanks to each and everyone of you that’s played a part in my flourishing five years here in NZ, I am truly grateful for your kindness, encouragement, love and of course I thank God every day for everything around me.

I really contemplated sharing this after all it’s one of those oh gosh that old chestnut are you still going on about that kind of posts but I want to keep it real, I want you to know it’s ok if you revisit old emotions, feel the emotions, be in the emotion, but don’t stay there! I for one have spent too much time there and I will not be staying any longer!

Much love to those that are revisiting old emotions right now and to those helping others flourish by just being there.

Much love
L x

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