Not moving, refueling

Hey lovely,

God is really talking this week! And I love that!  I haven’t shared for such a long time it feels a bit alien to have two words in just a few days!!

When I wrote keep moving I felt God say; so which road are you on Louise?

Mmmm good question, well it got me thinking and I actually thought…. I’m in a traffic jam on a windy road with temporary traffic lights and bumps in the road to navigate!!! How’s that God?
Wrong answer.
It’s taken two days of conversations and prayer for him to speak to me and say…. sometimes you have to stop to fuel up, you drive in, put enough fuel in to get you to your immediate destination then drive off.  Louise you have been putting the bare minimum in your tank.


I honestly don’t know why I’m getting visions of fuel stations, petrol tankers and traffic jams this stuff is just not girlie at all what the…..

God gave me the picture of one of those empty large petrol tankers that only stop at night to fill up their huge tank, it takes a while so it’s done at the quietest time so it doesn’t affect the traffic, the driver getting ever impatient at the time it takes. In the images I looked up there are a number of ports (not sure on the correct terminology for such manly equipment) (out of my girl zone right now!) and each one requires a lot of fuel to fill the tanker, but the driver doesn’t leave the station until his tank is full to bursting.

fill up
Me, right now I’m not on the road, I’m the tanker fueling up ready to deliver, it takes time I’ve become impatient because I’m not moving I thought I was at the red light, I felt like I was in a traffic jam.  No I’m not even on the road right now I’m filling up with the fuel of the holy spirit, worship, prayer and the word of God is filling my tank ready so at the right time, in Gods timing, I will be able to deliver to far more people in far more places because my tank will be full.


How exciting is that!? Like I said last week be excited regardless of the road, keep moving (unless you need to fuel up) and know that God is with you all of the time on each road and on each route you are on!  He doesn’t leave just because you take a wrong turn or miss the turn off, he doesn’t leave because you get lost and cant find your way back.  He is there all of the time. He never leaves.

Mucho love

L x

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