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Soul Sistas – Her Story

 Hey beautiful, My gorgeous friend who is such an amazing writer has kindly agreed (no arm twisting I promise!) to share her journey on forgiveness in her own words.  This piece is writing is not only beautiful, it’s deep, meaningful

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Bait of Satan

Hey lovely, Is this for you?…. The person who cannot forgive has forgotten how much they have been forgiven of #baitofsatan – John Bevere Gosh I loved Pastor Carls message on Sunday on Forgiveness, it’s that type of message that

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Keeping it REAL

HEY BEAUTIFUL! I’ve had quite a few conversations lately, Karen Burton hit the nail on the head with her word last week and all rolled together it simply comes down to two words ‘be real’. A friend was quite honest

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Hello from the other side

Well hello girls, My Inlaws have been to visit and every shop my mother in law and I went in the Adele song Hello seemed to be playing. I can’t say I’ve really heard it before not that I’ve taken

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I’ve had the word WOW for a few days I’ve been sat on it, thinking about it, meditating on it and wondering how I can interpret it into words! It’s a great positive vibrant word to have. When we say

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Hello 2016

As I relaxed on the beach on the last week of 2015, I had lots of time to reflect on the year just about to end. For me 2015 was a great year full of blessings and favour. Of course

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Run your race – part three

Hey girls, Part 3, a little late but here you go, the final part of this series….. Enjoy X When we choose to focus on Jesus, life has a clear direction and a purpose, he is by no means saying

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Run your race • part two

  From that day on he kept a close eye on David….he changed lanes, Saul shifted his focus, when the women sang of Davids success Saul immediately thought that Saul was better than him, he lost his focus and began

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Run Your Race • part one

Hi lovely ladies, i feel like I haven’t wrote on here for ages! I preached in church on Sunday, which on its own has consumed a lot of my thinking space.  I’ve also taken on the role of Events Coordinator

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Be Still

Hi ladies, November already! where has this year gone? As we move into the season where the pace seems to quicken, as we near the end of year I just want to encourage you to find time within your day

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