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Hello from the other side

Well hello girls, My Inlaws have been to visit and every shop my mother in law and I went in the Adele song Hello seemed to be playing. I can’t say I’ve really heard it before not that I’ve taken

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I’ve had the word WOW for a few days I’ve been sat on it, thinking about it, meditating on it and wondering how I can interpret it into words! It’s a great positive vibrant word to have. When we say

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Run your race • part two

  From that day on he kept a close eye on David….he changed lanes, Saul shifted his focus, when the women sang of Davids success Saul immediately thought that Saul was better than him, he lost his focus and began

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The Jesus Journey

I’m training for a half marathon incase you’d not heard!!! I registered around May time for the event in November! The training is hard, at first I couldn’t even run two kilometres without stopping and walking for one! Far out

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Morning ladies, I woke up this morning with such a strong image of a word that it kind of freaked me a little, all I can remember in my dream and sub consciousness from last night is the word Omnipresent!

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Be Specific

Evening Girls, I went to a great evening  by our Church’s Shine team on Friday evening. I popped in during the day to help with set up and noticed some gorgeous giveaways that I would quite like to win for myself!!!!

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Princess Warrior

Ever get that feeling like you’ve just fallen off a bike?? I felt like that for the whole month of June! This picture really spoke to me this morning and transported me back to a sermon Bobbi Houston did at

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When life gives you lemons make lemonade!

I love this quote and it often makes me smile because out of something sour you can make something sweet and delicious! It’s the same with life, out of a bad day there will always be something sweet in there somewhere! I’ve

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The Great Involvement

Eeek I did it! I delivered a word on a Sunday at Church! TWICE!! And guess what I survived and not only that I LOVED it! I love writing and yup you guessed it… Talking!! So sharing what God has

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The varieties of fruit

Last year someone asked me where my fruit was? as women’s ministry leader where was my fruit? At first I stumbled and got caught out I just couldn’t think, there was no one new sat next to me in church,

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