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Be Specific

Evening Girls, I went to a great evening¬†¬†by our Church’s Shine team on Friday evening. I popped in during the day to help with set up and noticed some gorgeous giveaways that I would quite like to win for myself!!!!

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Are you lost

Hey girls, I haven’t really been doing what I said I would have I? Nope, no writing, no time, no idea why! I have been trying really hard to get into a real ‘get some fire into your belly’ book

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Christmas Elves and Popping Candy

Well Hello there, long time no see or should I say long time no write!! Oh my I need to write, I need to blog, I need to journal! I feel that in the midst of such a busy few

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Fitness & Faith

Hi Girls This is not me but a fab article from Charisma magazine about fitness that I thought you’d enjoy! Fitness is much like our faith. When we delight ourselves in it, wonderful results naturally follow, both physically and emotionally.

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