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Listen to the instruction

Love this scripture and the very tone and words used to talk to us in it! Have I not commanded you? It’s not saying have I not encouraged you, or advised you or asked you? No it’s saying have I

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Alive 2015

Well I have just spent 4 days at Alive Conference in Rotorua, hosted by New Life Churches International in New Zealand and it was the first time they had opened it up to everyone other than Senior Pastors and Youth

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Are you lost

Hey girls, I haven’t really been doing what I said I would have I? Nope, no writing, no time, no idea why! I have been trying really hard to get into a real ‘get some fire into your belly’ book

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Madness, quiet time and big plans

Good evening lovely peeps! I’ve been a little quiet on here lately, which totally contradicts every part of my crazy world! Its school holidays, I love them, no routine, no lunches to pack, pj’s til late, boys at home, fun

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