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Not moving, refueling

Hey lovely, God is really talking this week! And I love that!  I haven’t shared for such a long time it feels a bit alien to have two words in just a few days!! When I wrote keep moving I

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hey world changer!

Hi beautiful, You must choose to make this culture your own. Change your world – Kevin Forlong I used to think that changing the world was for super special people, people ‘annointed’ to be an influence, people who had high

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A page of appreciation

  Hello beautifuls.. Each year I look back on what I’ve achieved either personally or we as a family, it’s weird really because as you travel through a year you don’t seem to notice the changes, they seem small, sometimes

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Soul Sistas – Her Story part 3

Hi beautiful! Here is the third and final part of this series on forgiveness.  A massive big thank you to my friend for sharing her most inner feelings with us.  Xo enjoy L x It is leaving the past where

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I’ve had the word WOW for a few days I’ve been sat on it, thinking about it, meditating on it and wondering how I can interpret it into words! It’s a great positive vibrant word to have. When we say

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When we are secure and strong in Him from us flows an air of beauty and confidence that surpasses any other. When our heart is transformed no matter what our outward appearance may be we exude beauty. I love this!

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The treadmill of life

Good Morning Ladies, As I typed my notes for todays word I felt they weren’t right so I left the computer, did some net surfing and you tubing hoping for some inspiration. I then got four different confirmations for the

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Late Night Shopping

Hi Girls, Late night shopping! Oh my I am in my element – I’ve missed this part of my old life with my bestie so so much! Its just fun fun fun, its not about the purchasing although that has

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Spirit Lead Me

I’ve had the words Spirit Led for a while and I love the Oceans song it just stirs my spirit so so much. Sometimes though it takes a little while for it to come together or things have come up that

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Mason George

  Oh my goodness, I really can’t believe my baby is going to be 9 tomorrow where did it go? I remember the time so clearly like it was yesterday but yet it really does feel like 9 years ago

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