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Soul Sistas – Her Story part 3

Hi beautiful! Here is the third and final part of this series on forgiveness.  A massive big thank you to my friend for sharing her most inner feelings with us.  Xo enjoy L x It is leaving the past where

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Soul Sistas part two

Hey gorgeous! Part two of my Soul Sistas, Her Story series is here and ready for you……. The tidal wave of betrayal and deception smashed through the house and battered the five little blonde heads like rag dolls. The children’s

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Soul Sistas – Her Story

 Hey beautiful, My gorgeous friend who is such an amazing writer has kindly agreed (no arm twisting I promise!) to share her journey on forgiveness in her own words.  This piece is writing is not only beautiful, it’s deep, meaningful

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The Glorious Reward

Hi beautiful, When you’re feeling a little lost or down or just generally discouraged (it happens to us all) you really need to dig deep into the word of God, his words just elevate us from the enemies clutches of

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When we are secure and strong in Him from us flows an air of beauty and confidence that surpasses any other. When our heart is transformed no matter what our outward appearance may be we exude beauty. I love this!

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No Clothes for a year – update

Oh My Goodness!!! I cannot and I mean cannot believe that I am almost done in my year without buying clothes! For someone who bought clothes every week for what seems like my whole adult life, I am super impressed

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Who do you think you are?

Gosh I’ve had a busy week! It was my birthday and I *sigh* turned 39!! So blessed to be surrounded by such gorgeous people.  We have our niece here from England so I’ve also played tour guide for the week

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  So who out there is going to Sistas this year?  My friends have just done the Get Smart conference with the youth from our church and as the Sistas time gets closer I’ve got conference withdrawals! My first journey

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