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Nothing happens until something moves

    Aint that the truth!! We don’t get fit unless we get our cute butts off the sofa and do some exercise – something that I am struggling to do at the moment! My motivation for exercise has just

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Breakfast – easy she said…..

G’day! I really forgot about the gorgeous breakfast culture here. ¬†Eating out for brekkie is the THING!! I thought breakfast would be my easiest way to keeping on my fitness regime, yeah right, pancakes, ice cream, berries, cooked breakast, eggs

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Holiday Time

Does fitness and healthy eating go out of the window when you go on holiday? Of course it does! Its supposed to! But this time on this holiday I’m going to try and be reasonably good. ¬†OK you know it

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Fitness & Faith

Hi Girls This is not me but a fab article from Charisma magazine about fitness that I thought you’d enjoy! Fitness is much like our faith. When we delight ourselves in it, wonderful results naturally follow, both physically and emotionally.

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