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Plant, nurture, flourish

I bought a plant from The Warehouse recently, I had great plans for it but didn’t have the right size pot so I bundled it in with some other plants on my table (avid Gardner right here!!) they all looked

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Spread the LOVE

Evening Girls, Would you believe I typed a whole blog and it just went, just like that off into the cyber trash can somewhere and I got left with an empty white page grrrrr is all. Anyway back to it!

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Morning lovely ladies, Well, I had quite an average week to say the least, I watched the enemy at work in many ways and it wasn’t pretty. I watched as the movie Fifty shades of Grey divided women all over

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Clean up, Clear out!

Oh my goodness, I have just moved house for what feels like the zillionth time! Its not a pleasant experience as those who have moved house would surely agree! Team it with playing at being on the TV programme the

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